Heroes Canceled!

May 14, 2010 / Posted by:

Entertainment Weekly says that NBC has made the decision to cancel Heroes after that hooker failed to bring enough johns to its corner. NBC burned Heroes with their cigarettes and slapped it with their pimp cane, but it still didn’t hoil and toil hard enough on the stroll. So they finally kicked it off a bridge and now it’s dead!

Apparently, NBC will make the announcement when they reveal their fall lineup in NYC on Monday. There has been talks of a movie, but it hasn’t gone beyond that.

This isn’t the only trick NBC killed today. They’ve also canceled that old wheezy queen Law & Order as well as Mercy and Trauma. It’s a fucking bloodbath over there today! Killing hos left and right. The executioners at NBC will be partying hard tonight with blood on their hands! A round of Plasmatinis, please!

And since Heroes is done, does that mean Hayden Panatroll doesn’t exist anymore? I’m on vacation so just lie to me and say YES!


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