Gary Busey Is Going To Eat That Baby!

May 6, 2010 / Posted by:

You might be wondering what baby I’m talking about since all you see is a field of calcified giant Chiclets, but just tilt your head to the left and back up a bit. There’s BABY posing with his father Gary Busey for Entertainment Tonight.

It’s good to see that Gary’s girlfriend didn’t give birth to a humongous pair of dentures, but I do have one concern. If Baby Luke should find himself alone in a forest for some reason and a deranged horse (or a rabid beaver) came at him, would he hug it and call it daddy or would he crawl away FOR HIS LIFE like he should? Hm. Something to ponder.

And here’s another one:

Baby Luke looks so excited, because he’s seeing his reflection in Gary Busey’s huge ass teefs for the first time!


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