Guess Who Showed Up To Her Deposition Today?

May 4, 2010 / Posted by:

Even though Lindsay Lohan was out till 2am doing Boilermakers with White Oprah, she still managed to roll off the bathroom floor this morning, pick her dentures out of the toilet, slip on a pair of silk boxer shorts and show up to her deposition today. And she was only 22 minutes late! It’s a miracle.

LiLo was a no-show to two previously scheduled depositions, so she had to show up today or she would automatically lose the case. LiLo is being sued by a trio of dudes who claim she held them hostage in an SUV during a car chase.

Yes, everyone in the room had to tape a Glade Plug-In to their nose because White Oprah and LiLo reeked like the inside of a Port-A-Potty on the last day of a Juggalo festival in August, but at least they showed up! Yes, LiLo’s lawyer had to dump a Dixie cup full of water in White Oprah’s head because she dozed off halfway through and started snoring, but at least they showed up! Yes, LiLo stormed out of the room when everyone laughed after she stated the year of her birth, but at least they showed up! Progress (not really)!



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