XXXtina’s Ho Shit Extravaganza

April 30, 2010 / Posted by:

If Vadge’s Express Yourself” video and a remake of her “Human Nature” video done by round-the-way trannies borrowed Lady Caca’s prosthetic penis to fuck each other in the Showgirls costume closet, it would look just like Xtina’s “Not Myself Tonight” video. Watch as Xtina thumps, bumps and sluts her way to the middle!

It’s a good thing MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore, because if they did they could never show this. On the other hand, Spice Xcess TV will be playing this video on a loop. So will Vanilla Gorilla. Although, he’s going to watch it while blasting “Heil Hitler Marschlied.

Since Xtina is parading around like a foolish skank ho who will hump on anything but dignity….I LOVE THIS! When all else fails, do ho shit in a church. This is Pope Eggs Benedict approved!


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