And Then They Shot Him

April 25, 2010 / Posted by:

During an interview for her new album Bionic, Xtina (who is looking a little like a blonde Ann Magnuson in Glitter) flipped the bitch switch on when some dude let out a cough in the room. A quick second later, she sent him to the firing squad. Yeah, I know she was joking (sort of, kind of, not really), but she should still blame her self!

Whenever Xtina moves just a bit, thousands of bronzing powder and crusted mascara particles fly off her face and dance through the air before diving into the throat of an unsuspecting innocent person. A frog made out of foundation and bronzer jumped down that dude’s throat.

Besides, Xtina shouldn’t worry about catching the sicks. Bitch’s face is protected by several layers of toxic chemicals, so any germ that gets near her will be eaten alive before it finds its way into her system. I saw this on the Discovery Channel.

via ONTD


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