Nothing Like A Pap Smear By The Pool

April 16, 2010 / Posted by:

Kathy Griffin got a poolside pap smear today to raise awareness about cervical cancer and the cameras caught all of it for her reality show My Life on the D-List. Cue her mother screaming: “Goddammit, Kathleen, the whole world doesn’t need to know your goddamn cervix by face! Jeeesus Christ!

In addition to the cervix party by the pool, Kathy also got an Edward Cullen necklace on her bikini line afterwards (I refuse to call it “vajazzling“).

So if you happen to be swimming in that same pool this weekend and come across cervix lint*, you now know where it came from.

And I’m honestly surprised that Tyra Banks didn’t think of this first! TyTy’s vagina was made for a televised pap smear.

*I have no idea what cervix lint is.


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