JLove Cuts That Man Right Out Of Her Hair

March 22, 2010 / Posted by:

When hos quit their piece, they usually drown their sorrows in a hard peen, a bowl of sweetened pancake batter or a Flowbee. JLove went with the latter and ripped her extensions out following her break-up from Jamie Kennedy. You know, because cum dust from your ex can still linger even if you shampoo that shit.

JLove totally threw herself a “Single and LOVIN’ It” slumber party with her girlfriends where they vagazzled their parts and later helped her cut her hair as they shouted the lyrics to “How Do I Deal?” JLove is basically a walking musical montage from a early 90s romantic comedy.

And that haircut makes her look like she spends her mornings drawing happy faces and hearts on her children’s brown paper lunch bags.



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