Bombshell Has Proof!

March 18, 2010 / Posted by:

Vanilla Gorilla’s side piece Boobshit McGee has brought evidence to the table in the form of several text messages from Jesse. Yes, she brought us text messages. She obviously didn’t complete the course in mistress whoring at the Learning Annex, because text messages don’t cut it anymore. Everyone knows that you can easily buy a prepaid cell phone, program that number into your real cell phone under the name “Mah Boo Anderson Cooper,” and then send yourself a series of text messages like “I giggle for Michael” and “Only your no-no can polish my silver.” It’s so easy even my dumb ass can do it.

Now I’m pretty sure that Vanilla Gorilla did have sexual relations with that woman, but she still gets an F minus for this shit! This only proves that she text messages like a 12-year-old girl.

And in case you’ve been wondering what Marilyn Manson would look like if he got botched gender-reassignment surgery, here’s some pictures of Bombshell. Keep the powder close, because your genitals will start to itch.


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