Gary Dourdan’s Girlfriend Arrested For Allegedly Attacking His Ass

March 17, 2010 / Posted by:

The girlfriend of CSI’s Gary Dourdan was put into handcuffs yesterday afternoon after she allegedly went crazy on him during a fight. TMZ says that when the cops arrived to Gary’s house in Venice, CA, they found him all scratched up. They arrested his girlfriend Maria Asis del Alamo and booked her on misdemeanor domestic battery.

TMZ wants you to know that Maria 5’8″, 110 lbs and Gary is 6’2″ with a “fighting weight” of 190.

Gary is a lot bigger than Maria, but if he even flicked at her eyelash, it would’ve been game over for his ass. Besides, size does not always matter when it comes to fighting. Surprisingly, I haven’t been in many psychical fights in my life, but in junior high school I got my ass beat so hard by my best friend at the time who was 5’1″. Homegirl beat me down, because I said that her boyfriend was ugly. It wasn’t even a match and I knew it. At one point, I lifted up my arm to protect myself from her crazy ass, and she grabbed it and forced me to slap myself in the face. Yeah, that’s when you just roll over and play dead. That’s not funny.

Although, me getting beat down by a tiny girl isn’t saying much since a malnourished, half-blind newborn baby could kick my ass with one arm tied behind its back.



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