A Peek Inside Candy Spelling’s Manor Of Loneliness

March 3, 2010 / Posted by:

Candy Spelling was gracious enough (you can see my eyes rolling from there, can’t you?) to let the cameras inside her charming 50,000 square foot mansion called The Manor. Yes, 50 fucking thousand square feet. That’s almost big enough to hold Kanye West’s ego. Almost.

After watching this clip, I realized that Candy’s ridiculous house and my Brooklyn apartment aren’t that different. Candy has a gift wrapping room. I have a Walgreens plastic bag filled with old gift wrapping scraps. Candy has a China room. I have a cupboard in my kitchen where I keep my Chinet plates. Candy modeled her grand entrance after Tara from Gone with the Wind. My bath tub is so dirty it looks like it barely survived the burning of Atlanta. Candy has a bowl of matching jelly beans in every room. I have an old bag of jelly beans from three Easters ago that I still pick at when I get depressed. SEE! We all have our own The Manor.

And Candy has a room for absolutely everything, but she didn’t say where she houses her SANITY. Hmm. Maybe she keeps that in her $47 million penthouse.

Source: Shine via Jezebel


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