Naomi Campbell Is WANTED

March 2, 2010 / Posted by:

If you happen to be in the NYC area and spot a crazed supermodel with rage in her eyes and a Blackberry in hand, RUN don’t sashay to the nearest discount clothing chain (bitch doesn’t go near those) and call the police! It’s most likely Naomi the Terrible and she’s a WANTED woman!

The New York Post says that the terror of the catwalk allegedly Naomi Campbell-ed a chauffeur this afternoon. The story goes that Naomi freaked out at a driver who was taking her around the city. When the driver called the police, Naomi busted out of the car and fled the scene! Naomi is now at large, and the police are looking for her.

The police said that the driver suffered a few minor bruises and bumps as a result of getting punched out by Naomi. The police simply handed him a pamphlet for the Victims of Naomi Campbell support group. They meet every Wednesday night in the basement of a church.

It’s not known why Naomi flipped out, but I’m guessing the driver made the mistake of looking her in the eye. Shit, he might have just looked in her direction. That is why it’s best just to blindfold yourself around Naomi and claim you’re deaf. Even if you’re driving!

See no evil, hear no evil!


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