The Ghost Of Lindsay Lohan’s Future

March 1, 2010 / Posted by:

I know you’re probably not even on your second cup of bourbon (with a splash of Sanka), so you better drink the whole pot before looking at the rest of the pictures of Courtney Love at Roberto Cavalli’s show in Milan the other night. Bitch looks like something that was left behind in the gutters at Grey Gardens! No wonder Little Edie wore headscarves all the time. She was afraid that the mutant fishes would jump out of the gutter to eat her hair and nibble at her skull.

And what’s with the sparkly leather skin? It’s as if Buffalo Bill made a skin suit out of an elderly Edward Cullen.

Anyway, I also threw in some pictures of Ronnie Wood, because if you’re going to abuse your eyeballs this morning you might as well go all the way.


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