Open Post: Hosted By The Peen Pants

February 23, 2010 / Posted by:

Jon Grosselin can finally flash a dick that is bigger than a marmoset’s thumb thanks to these peen pants courtesy of designer Isabel Mastache. Yes, he’ll have to stuff it, but nobody needs to know that.

At her show in Madrid, Isabel showcased the pants that will quickly get you a date, a slap to the face or a night in the clink.

I’m sure the sluts out there really don’t appreciate these pants at all. When a huge slut sees anything that remotely resembles a big hard dick, they immediately get on their knees to handle that shit. So there will be a lot of unhappy whores out there with a mouthful of lint. A new meaning to “lint licker.” So don’t laugh when you see cotton dingles on my tongue.

And here’s a video of the show from Queerty. Believe it or not, this mess isn’t the craziest thing from Isabel’s mind. I think I spotted a labia hat.



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