Get A Room!

February 22, 2010 / Posted by:

Here we have Amanda Seyfried going to first base with her dog friend on the streets of Los Angeles this past weekend. Don’t sit there and try to act like you’ve never kissed your dog on the lips after a couple of drinks. Although, I made the executive decision to keep my relationship with my dog strictly professional after I witnessed him fishing for cat cookies in a littler box when he was a puppy. If he wants to partake in scat shit, that’s on him, but his lips won’t be anywhere near mine.

But every now and again, my dog will catch me off guard and tongue my lips real fast. I doubt he’s trying to give me a token of his affection. He probably just thinks the inside of my mouth is a bountiful buffet of deliciousness since he watches me stuff my face all day long with everything found in the snack section of the grocery store.



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