Who Is Mystery Child?

February 19, 2010 / Posted by:

Yesterday, I posted a link to Celebitchy about a mystery child Brangelina has been carrying around in Venice. Some said it’s Knox, and others said it’s Shiloh. The only way mystery child could be Knox is if he snorted a bunch of magic beans, because dude is just a baby. I mean, I know he blood is laced with miracles, but I doubt he can grow that fast. Personally, I think he’s going to stay a baby forever. You know, like a cherub.

So that leaves Shiloh. Let’s compare mystery child with a picture of Shiloh from a couple of days ago:

Ding Ding (?). Mystery child is Shiloh. Maddox simply played beauty shop and gave her a henna rinse (or her icy blonde hair just naturally went a little darker).

Or you can continue to believe that Brad Pitt was cleaning up the house one day and found this mystery child chilling out in the drawer of a dresser. Brad shrugged and recruited mystery child to the Brangie army.

And in other Brangie news, Page Six says that they are staging photo-ops are all over Italy to show that they don’t hate each other. You don’t fucking say.

(Images via Splash and Fame)


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