Free The Rabid Possum!

February 6, 2010 / Posted by:

Look at that tragic, tortured, frizzled creature. No, I’m not talking about Kate Gosselin herself (this time). I’m pointing and hissing at that thing on her head. The poor possum is still being violated by large pieces of pine straw. The sad part is that Kate got her weave worked on the day these pictures were taken. This is a fresh weave! The damn scarecrow called me on his corn phone and wants Kate to return his pubic bush.

If she’s trying to look like David Lee Roth circa 1984 on purpose, then she needs more spandex, more curl, more chest hair and a lot more zest.

Anyways, here’s Kate leaving Butter in NYC last night with a friend. Hopefully, she went back to her hotel and soaked that thing in a tub full of butter (Paula Deen just came….whipped butter).



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