Lindsay LoHoarder

February 3, 2010 / Posted by:

Lindsay Lohan sat down with The Insider’s Niecy Nash to talk about her mess of a life and also her mess of an apartment. Yes, LiLo is a Hoarder (add a “w” to that if you’re feeling extra cunty today). But instead of hoarding cat carcasses and caca-filled diapers (those Hoarders episodes still invade my nightmares), she fills her apartment with shoes, Guitar Hero stuff and clothes.

Niecy, who is also the ringmaster on Clean House, is going to try to help LiLo tame the mess. There’s really an easier way for LiLo to get rid of all that shit. Half of it probably isn’t even hers, so if you lost anything (even a sock in the dryer) in the past year, just show up to LiLo’s den of crackery to pick your shit up.

And maybe it’s time to get new people when the only TV show you can get booked on is The Insider and Hoarders.

via ONTD



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