This Shit Doesn’t Need A Damn Headline!

February 2, 2010 / Posted by:

Because this picture of Prince Hot Ginge singeing eyeballs with his fiery nipples in Barbados this past weekend is worth a thousand headlines (and ass orgasms). If Mop Head’s voodoo curse on me suddenly worked and I dropped dead right now, I’d be okay with that because this beautiful picture of PHG would be the last thing I’d see. Actually, these dumb words I’m typing would be the last thing I’d see. Fuck. Mop Head is always ruining things!

I leave you now, because I’m a little distracted. My heat-seeking tongue keeps wanting to lick the monitor. And yes, I’ve already Photoshopped my head on that pepaw’s body in the first thumbnail below. It’s going to be my new drivers license photo.


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