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December 19, 2009 / Posted by:

SJP recently said that she loves nothing more than to stick her nose in a diaper bucket and take in the warm meaty scent of diarrhea, Balmex and baby powder.

SJP is proving once again that she has the scent glands of horse-fly by saying that she wants her next perfume to smell like Matthew Broderick’s sweaty chonies after a busy night at “the gym.”

This nasty ass said, “It has taken me three years to decide on the scent because I really like BO and I think it’s sexy. I wanted to figure out a way to make it palatable to everybody. I was like, ‘How do you get BO in a bottle and make an atomizer of it?’ Then it was all about trying to capture the sense of naughtiness in a bottle that it would be good for a man and a woman.”

I really won’t be surprised if SJP confesses that she makes potpourri out of her used tampons.

via Digital Spy


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