Kourtney Still Has No Idea

December 13, 2009 / Posted by:

Khloe Kardashian already said that her sister Kourtney plans to stick her nipple into her kid’s mouth until it graduates from kindergarten. I’m being positive in thinking that her baby will graduate kindergarten. When in fact, as soon as it learns to crawl, it will head to the hills to be raised by coyotes (led by Queen Daisy).

Anyway, Khloe continued to point and laugh at her sister by telling Ryan Gaycrest on his radio show the other day that Kourtney mistakenly thought her water broke at lunch. Khloe roared: “She’s never experienced it; she has no idea. She was out at lunch – this is TMI – and some fluid came down her leg and she was like, ‘My water broke!’ She bbm’d me and I go, ‘No, no, no, you will know. You’re fine.’”

I know it sounds like Kourtney was simply partaking in Kim’s favorite midnight sport by Fergie-ing herself in the restaurant. But the truth is, that wasn’t an R. Kelly special running down Kourtney’s leg, it was the tears of her unborn baby! That poor thing knows D Day is coming.

Here’s Kourtney (THIS TRICK IS GOING TO BE SOMEONE’S MOTHER!) and her boyfriend Scott Disick (the s is silent) having lunch the other day in L.A.


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