Liza Settles The Sexual Harassment Suit Against Her

December 10, 2009 / Posted by:

In 2004, Liza Minnelli’s former chauffeur M’Hammed Soumayah sued her for $100 million, because he claimed she forced him to cum up her roses. M’Hammed said that Liza not only sexually harassed him, but she spit on him during drunken rampages. According to M’H, Liza threatened to send him to the back of the unemployment line if he didn’t wipe the spit off of his face, rub it on her pussy and make it ziiiiiiing.

Well, the New York Post brings the news that Liza and M’Hammed have settled the $100 million lawsuit for an undisclosed sum. M’Hammed was making around $283,000 as her chauffeur.

The image of Liza playing with her nipples while saying, “It’s M’Hammed Time! You CAN touch this,” is going to get me through the day. Or it might be the death of me.

If they ever made a horror version of My Chauffeur, they can use this story as inspiration.



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