Lindsay Lohan Will Save The Children Of India

December 8, 2009 / Posted by:

A malnourished child of America is off to help the malnourished children of India. That’s what Page Six is saying today. According to a source (aka Michael Lohan’s loud assmouth), Lindsay Lohan is on her way to India to shoot a documentary about impoverished children for the BBC. No, not the Busted Broke Cokeheads network. The British Broadcasting Corporation.

The source added, “She is excited about escaping the drama of LA and doing something real.”

LiLo will be doing something real alright. Some real good shit!

During one of her many trips to the land of shiny stars and white mountains, LiLo probably had a vision of herself as this generation’s Gandhi. You know, that isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe that will finally give her a reason to shave off that scabies-infested weave. And if the impoverished children of India don’t embrace her as their new savior, she can always get a job at a calling center.

(Image via I Mean What)


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