Dreamboat Arrested For Attacking A Ford Fiesta

December 7, 2009 / Posted by:

Dreamboat Doherty should just walk around with his wrists already in cuffs and a mug shot and fingerprint sample in his pocket. It would make every cop’s life a lot easier.

Dreamy continued his lifelong goal of getting arrested in every city in the world by getting busted by the cops in Berlin on Saturday morning. NME reports that Dreamy was partying with his friends at a bar, when he suddenly decided to throw a beer bottle out the window. The bottle hit the back window of a Ford Fiesta, breaking it. Someone called the police.

He was taken down the station, held for three hours and then released.

I started to think to myself, “Who in the dick would throw a delicious bottle of beer at an innocent Ford Fiesta?!“, but then I realized who I was talking about. Dreamy probably thought the Ford Fiesta was giving him a side-eye (which they always are, right?) or honking trash about him. Poor Ford Fiesta. They are the least-threatening cars ever. They are the baby bunny rabbits of cars.


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