Baby Smiley Gives Sandra Bullock A Chola Makeover

November 25, 2009 / Posted by:

Baby Smiley continued her mission of turning all of us into chola beauties by taking her Sharpie to Sandra Bullock’s eyebrows on Lopez Tonight last night. Sandra agreed to the chola makeover, because she said she wanted to become “more Latin.” I was waiting for my abuelita’s chankla to hit her and George Lopez in the mouth after that was said.

When Sandra came out as “La Nalgona,” an oldies song didn’t play in my head and I didn’t flinch like a hot razor was about to slice my cheek open. You know, Sandra’s canvas just doesn’t have what it takes to pull off the chola look. Sandra looked more like a deflated Michaela Romanini:

And if you can’t look like a chola who can give a ten-week hickey in five seconds, then you might as well look like Michaela Romanini. So Sandra should keep up the makeover.

Below is a clip of Sandra’s transformation from a plate of boiled watercress to the homegirl version of Michaela Romanini:

(Thanks to all who sent this in)


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