Taylor Lautner And His Wet T-Shirt On Rolling Stone

November 24, 2009 / Posted by:

Kinko’s will be busier than Lil’ Wayne’s sperm fishes in the next few weeks, because Twihards and Twimoms (UGH) will be getting all their copies of Taylor Lautner’s Rolling Stone cover laminated to protect it from…um…stuff.

IN THIS ECONOMY, Rolling Stone should be maximizing their profits by selling this cover in panties and dildo form. I mean, we already know what those horny Twihards are going to do with this magazine, so Rolling Stone would be saving them from suffering a dozen unfortunate paper cuts.

And if this makes you uncomfortable, just focus on the giant brown peen head growing out of the back of his head. I’m hot helping.

via The Frisky


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