Martha Stewart Is Not A Sarah Palin Fan

November 22, 2009 / Posted by:

Gangsta bitch Martha Stewart sugar coats a lot of shit, but her opinion is not one of them. The other night, a reporter asked the cuntress of crafts her thought on Sarah Palin’s book, etc…. Martha shanked Sarah with her words by calling her “dangerous,”boring,” and “a problem.” Martha also basically said that she would rather eat a TV dinner on a Styrofoam plate than even glance at Sarah’s book. Martha is straight-up!

Martha’s bitchy words on Palin comes on the heels of her saying that Rachael Ray is not a cook. Will somebody please ask Martha her thoughts on drunk ass Sandra Lee! My cunt gene is tingling just thinking about.

And in case you missed this last night, here’s SNL’s trailer for Palin 2012. Palin/Beck 2012!


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