St. Angie And Billy Goat Brad Look At Art

November 15, 2009 / Posted by:

St. Angie Jo and Billy Goat Brad floated down from their majestic crystal cathedral in the heavens to attend MOCA’s 30th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles last night. Maddox didn’t go, because if he wants to look at art, he’ll just glance into the mirror. Speaking of….

I have a valid question. Did St. Angie and Brad look at the art? Or did the art look at them? You know there’s a Brangaloonie screaming about how lucky those paintings are to be in the presence of such holy greatness. If only one of the bitches in those paintings had the balls to tell Brad that a skanky rat wouldn’t even chew on his scraggly chin foliage. If Brad insists on wearing Janis Joplin’s pubic bush on his face, he could at least take a VO5 hot oil treatment (and a comb) to that mess.



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