Soy Milk Gave Jeremy Piven Chichis

November 2, 2009 / Posted by:

Jeremy Piven needs to go back to the first grade so he can learn all about The Food Chart again, because dude does not know how to balance his diet. Jeremy already claims that eating too many sea kittens gave him Mercury Poisining. Now he’s saying that drinking massive amounts of soy milk has given him a pair of luscious moobs.

Jeremy told STV (via Digital Spy), “I was the guy that dabbled in soya milk, but now I’ve found out soya milk has enough estrogen for me to grow breasts, I had to put the soya milk down. It was a very confusing time.”

It’s strange to me that Jeremy Piven would NOT want a pair of delectable titty sacks. I mean, that way he could grope a pair of breasts without being slapped or having to put a few hundred dollars on the nightstand. I don’t believe he put down the soy milk.

You just know that Jeremy is secretly giving himself soy leche enemas and bathing in it whenever he can. Jeremy has found the FOUNTAIN OF CHICHIS and he’s going to take complete advantage of it.

In other news, Christina Hendricks has just been announced as the official spokeschichis for soy milk.



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