Basement Baby Has Left Her Record Label

October 31, 2009 / Posted by:

Beyonce is fucking with Solange again! You know Beyonce told Basement Baby that she’s way too *edgy* and *unique* for a mainstream record label, so she advised her to put on her pioneer hat and go out on her own! Basement Baby fell for Beyonce’s trap, because she announced that she has quit her record label and will go independent for her third album.

Solange announced the news on her Twitter: “Although it’s been a wonderful journey & experience at Interscope Records, after truly recognizing what’s important to ME as an artist, I decided it was time for me to continue my path on a more independent platform. I’m excited about continuing to dive in, experiment and creating music and art with no boundaries, fears or expectations. Gonna be fun folks.

Those of you HATERZ (The Z is to ZING you good) who are shouting that Basement Baby got dropped by her label need to duck, because she flies above all of you. Actually, I guess it’s kind of impossible to fly above all the haters when you’re trapped in the basement. Oh. Damn. :(




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