Pete Wentz Pulled A Pete Wentz

October 28, 2009 / Posted by:

Dear Bronx Mowgli, now is your chance to file emancipation. There’s not one judge in all the land that won’t rule in your favor once you crawl up to the bench and hand them this picture as EXHIBIT ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Pete Wentz lost a bet to Gabriel Saporta (of Cobra Starship) last night which cost him space on his arm. Yes, Pete got Gabriel’s face tattooed on his person. Pete explained his new skidmark on his Twitter:

my head hurts. i was buzzed lightyear last night. followed thru on a gentlemens bet w/@gabrielsaporta now i have 1 more bad tattoo.

We’ve all made some bad decisions in life while booze was running through our system. We have the bruises and babies to prove it, but don’t ever ever put the blame on the sweet nectar of the gods. Why does delicious alcohol always take the fall for natural fuckery?

And I might be a little drunk myself since I laughed at “buzzed lightyear.” Ugh. There I go blaming the booze.

P.S. – Go ahead and file this picture under: Why The Fuck Do You Have a Kid?



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