Whitney’s Wardrobe And Brain Malfunctions On X-Factor

October 19, 2009 / Posted by:

On X-Factor over the weekend, Whitney Houston ran into a few issues which has caused some hos to once again scream that crack has whacked up her brains. The first issue came when the strap of her dress popped off during her performance of that “Cokey Dollar Bill” song. There’s a reasonable explanation for Whitney’s wardrobe malfunction. Since Bobby Brown wasn’t there to pop her doody bubble, it simply traveled all the way up her back and burst causing her dress strap to bust open! Blame it on the doody bubble.

The second issue came during the interview when Whitney got all confused and couldn’t remember when her album was coming out in the UK.

Yes, Whitney’s brain was off marinating in a bong somewhere, but it wasn’t THAT bad. At least Whitney knew her dress was falling apart. All the crackheads I’ve come in contact with would’ve let that dress fall to the ground without flinching. Then they would’ve spent the rest of the performance asking the audience for 25 cents or a quarter. And during the interview, they would’ve dry humped the host, snatched his wallet and then hocked a loogie at him (example: all of Amy Wino’s performances).

Okay, you win, she was still a mess.

(Thanks Heather)


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