The Tilda vs. The Trump

October 13, 2009 / Posted by:

Donald Trump’s hair looks like Tilda Swinton’s mop after being stranded in the dessert for days without water, moisturizer, hugs or a blow dryer. Just thought I’d point that out. And we’re off!

Tilda Swinton is ready to peck Donald Trump’s beady eyes out over an enormous golf resort that is about to terrorize Scotland. Tilda lives there, and she’s not about to welcome Trump’s multi-million dollar resort into her backyard. Tilda says NOOOO to golf courses, but YESSSSS to butt raping directors.

The Associated Press reports that Tilda has joined 15,000 other people in signing a petition asking for the resort not to be built. According to the petition, four residents on the property may be evicted to make way for Trump’s golf course.

A spokeswhore for Donald Trump only said that Tilda is siding with the “extremists.”

The Trump probably wanted to call Tilda a “fat slob” and a “disgusting pig,” but he’s saving that for when The Insider or Entertainment Tonight asks him to comment.

The Trump has no idea who he is fucking with, because Tilda’s got the crazy fever in her eyes and I don’t think she’s afraid to unleash it. Tilda looks like she will shit on your porch if you cross her.


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