The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt Hits Primetime!!!!!!

October 9, 2009 / Posted by:

We knew them when…..

On last night’s The Office, Dwight made the best decision of his life when he covered his succulent titty hocks with the all-powerful Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt! Seriously, they are going places. Don’t be surprised if you hear that the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt is starring in the next Twilight movie, or that they are putting out a single with Kanye West, or that they have been seen “canoodling” with Megan Fox (please don’t let there be a sex tape). Ah-woooooo!

Those three bitches and that moon are even more magical than I thought. Normally when I see a cell phone clipped to a belt, all the moisture in my eyeballs gets sucked out. But my eyelids didn’t even have a seizure when Dwight came out with a cell phone clipped to his belt! It’s the magic of the three wolves at work. They better get 3 Emmy awards for this!

Image VIA Mashable


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