Heidi Klum Gave Birth To A Lou

October 9, 2009 / Posted by:

Heidi Klum’s crotch will no longer be in the shadow of her enormous belly, because she finally birthed one of those baby things early this morning. Heidi’s crotch can finally get some sun. Yipeee.

Radar says that Heidi and Seal’s second baby friend (her third) has a vagina and they named her Lou Samuel.

You know, I didn’t smack my lips or rotate my eyes when reading that name, so it’s fine by me. I actually like old man names for little girls. Think about it. A girl in a pink dress and pig tails with the name Horrice, Angus or Clarence is pretty damn adorable…..if you’re stoned.

However, I’m not sure if it works with boys too. We should put it to the test. The first one of you who pops out a boy, better name him Bertha or Myrtle. Tell me how that goes.


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