Middle-Aged Ladies On Muni Gone Wild!

October 8, 2009 / Posted by:

The next time (aka today after work) you get into fight of words and slaps with a fellow traveler on public transportation, just know that someone could be filming that shit! Make sure you look hot. Thankfully, this battle over a bus seat on San Francisco’s Muni was captured on a dude’s cell phone.

Apparently, the two ladies were fighting over a seat (aren’t they always) when shit got really real! Basically, the argument consisted of the words: fuck, you, stupid, bitch. It’s like I wrote the dialogue for this fight. Those are really the only words you know when you’re battling a bitch over a seat!

After they blew air kisses at each other for a while, the fists started flying! AND HOW! I’m pretty sure I saw the Asian lady deliver a drop kick on the other chick. Damn. That is some Mortal Kombat shit. Level her up! The Fight Queen of Muni!

When video of the fight made its way on to YouTube, Muni said they are investigating the incident. They said the bus operator should have notified the SFPD about the fight, but they did not. That’s because the bus driver was probably too busy betting on a winner.



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