A Vision Of Sheer Beauty

October 8, 2009 / Posted by:

There’s really no better way to start my morning than with a visit with the Cleopatara (Queen of DeBile) of our time: Jocelyn Wildenstein. Last night, I was wondering why all the alley cats in my neighborhood were clawing their own eyes out and throwing themselves in front of incoming traffic. I figured Parasite Hilton queefed again. But no, they were mad with hysteria because their QUEEN is in town!

Jocelyn and her main pussy plumper Lloyd Klein hit the streets of NYC last night. And I’m sure dozens of bystanders hit the sidewalk when Jocelyn flashed her rock hard chest nalgas and her gorgeous “bee sting victim” face. Jocelyn’s beauty is so intensely hot that she burned half of her own eyebrows off!


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