This Is Our Future, Part 3

October 6, 2009 / Posted by:

Do you see what Brit Brit’s influence has on the children of the world!? A 9-year-old girl from Peru pretty much copied Brit’s “Toxic” video shot-by-shot, outfit-by-outfit and move-by-move (insert THIS FACE here).

The thing is, she didn’t do it with just a camcorder in her parents’ garage. This had a bigger budget than Brit’s “Gimme More” video. This shit is expensive! My guess is that homegirl’s parents paid the bills for this mess. Or maybe Roman Polanski is making music videos now? Really, I can’t.

And when you get to the part with the boy on a motorcycle, just shut down your computer, pull the power cord out of the wall and go weep in the dark. Actually, you’ll probably start weeping right at the beginning.

Well, at least she lip-synchs better than Brit. Okay, back to weeping.

(Thanks Zaire)


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