Panty Creamer Of The Day

October 5, 2009 / Posted by:

This picture of Alexander Skarsgard grabbing onto a dude’s titty at Fantastic Fest ’09 will probably find itself inserted into Photoshop about a million times, because crazed True Blood hos (yours truly included) will be pasting their heads on this shit. I mean, we all want Vampire Eric to place his sexy hand on our nipple while holding a Stella in the middle of a freezer.

Something tells me the dude’s face lips aren’t the only pair of lips puckering up. OW! Eric has that effect on everyone.

If that was me, I’d never wash or lick my nipple ever again. My nipple would be looking like a crusty 7-layer dip after about a year, and I still wouldn’t take a towelette to it.

Source: PoshDeluxe VIA Just Jared


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