Wolverine Breaks Through The Fourth Wall!

September 28, 2009 / Posted by:

Hugh Jackmeoff and Daniel Craig were doing serious acting stuff in their Broadway play A Steady Rain the other night when they were interrupted by someone’s annoying ass cell phone. The cell phone kept buzzing away which caused Hugh’s succulent ass lips to get twisted. Hugh kept in character as he told the evil doer to shut their cell phone’s mouth up. When the cell phone refused to shut up, James Bond finally spoke up, Can you get that, whoever that is? Can you get it? We can wait, just get the phone.

This is why theater ushers should carry tasers. When a cell phone rings, taser the bitch, drag them out of the theater and go on with the show! Although, I am guilty of forgetting to turn my ringer off during a show (blame the good shit). The best/worst part of the story is that my ring at the time was Khia’sMy Neck, My Back.” Even in the dark, I could see a dozen shank eyes being thrown my way. It kind of gave me the tingles.

Source VIA Popeater


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