Yes, They Really Are That Spectacular

September 21, 2009 / Posted by:

Christina Hendricks’ fiance wakes up to her magnificent chichis every single morning, but they still manage to knock the wind out of him every time he sees them. MAN DOWN! You can’t put any blame on him, because looking at Christina’s mounds of wonder really is a spiritual experience. Really, I see the face of Jesus, God, Buddha, Allah and the Brangie twin messiahs whenever I look at them.

I’m gayer than the Disney Channel and I would give up my left ass lip (it’s kind of limp anyway) to spend the rest of my days motorboating on Christina’s Lake Chichis.

Here’s more pictures of Christina’s holy tittay balls at the Emmys last night. I also threw in some pictures of the rest of the Mad Men cast, because they won Best Dramz.


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