Teri Snatcher Is A World-Class Athlete!

September 14, 2009 / Posted by:

Okay, not a “world-class” athlete, but she is a “Malibu-class” athlete, because she completed a triathlon there this past weekend. When Teri Snatcher crossed the finish line, her mom, The Snapple Lady, immediately gave her a congratulatory nuzzle. Or maybe Teri smelled like a tuna melt and her momma was trying to get a good whiff. Who knows!

Other celebwhores who took part in the Malibu Triathlon were William H. Macy (who was there for an Emmy), Mario Lopez (who was there because he needed another excuse to take his top off), Jeremy Piven (who was there for the fish) and The Hoff (who was there for the…for the…why was he there?).

And I’m pleased to announce that next year I will host the first annual Dlisted triathalon! Booze, bong and blow your way to victory!


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