Never Set Your Voicemail Password To “1234″

September 10, 2009 / Posted by:

Last year, stupid ass LiLo posted her private cell phone number on her Facebook page. It didn’t take long for someone to hack into her voicemail. And it didn’t take the brain power of MacGyver to do it since LiLo’s voicemail password was “1234.” These crackheads, I can’t…..

Animal New York posted a few of the voicemails left in LiLo’s inbox and most of them are sad/pathetic/depressing/etc. Although, the second message sounds like one my mom would leave me after she had too many glasses of Chardonnay.

Most of the messages are from drunk crazies rambling on about whatever, but the most pathetic comes courtesy of her daddy Michael Lohan. Of course! Michael cries about how he wants to visit The Curious Case of Ali Lohan, but she doesn’t want him to come. In a second message, Michael tells LiLo that he bought her CD at 7-11 (BURN!!!) and thinks it’s so beautiful. Then he holds the phone up to his stereo so she could hear him listening to her song. Unfortunately, the next sound we DON’T hear is his car careening off the road and over a cliff. If my dad left me messages like that, I’d probably eat crackhouses whole too.



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