Open Post: Hosted By Kim Cattrall

September 9, 2009 / Posted by:

Yes, yes, yes, I’m posting a zillion more pictures from THAT MOVIE! You’ll thank me when it comes out. While all your friends are spending $12 to see this Vagisil party, you can use that money to buy two bottles of Strawberry Hill, because you will already know what happens thanks to all these damn pictures! SPOILER ALERT?

SJP already shot her flashback scene, so it’s Kim Cattrall’s turn! Kim stepped out of her trailer today looking like you something you get when you rub Dee Snider and Jesse Camp together while spraying the air with AquaNet. And at 53-years-old, memaw is shitting on tricks almost half her age (i.e. Lady CaCa and Xtina.)



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