Open Post: Hosted By The Cougar Convention

September 1, 2009 / Posted by:

YES, such a thing as the National Singles Cougar Convention exists and the first one was held in Palo Alto, CA last Friday night. Exquisite eyebrows + titty implants circa 1984 + hongray hongray snatches + copious amounts of Lady Era + horny young peen = A GOOD OLE’ TIME! Eff SATC2! This is the real shit right here!

Cougars from all over the land gathered together to go cub hunting! Apparently, none of the ladies were looking for commitment, they just wanted some fresh dick for the night. Work that shit, you old whores! Hunt, pounce and bust! Get yourself a hot

SF Weekly has more pictures from this elegant affair. Warning, you may see your momma in some of the pictures, so be-fucking-ware.

Are you having another hot flash or am I just doing something right?” – Cub to his Cougar in the last thumbnail below.



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