Halle Berry Might Be Knocked Up

September 1, 2009 / Posted by:

Life & Style is saying that Halle Berry has got a case of the babies AGAIN. Apparently, Halle went through a lot of shit to conceive her first baby friend, Nahla, and the second time wasn’t any different. One of Halle’s friends, who has a mouth bigger than Parasite Hilton’s crotch cave, said that she conceived her first baby through in vitro fertilization and her second through artificial insemination.

The friend went on to yap, “She’s just ecstatic to be pregnant again. She wasn’t sure if she’d have another baby, so she’s very happy!

Halle’s rep put his hand and refused to comment on this.

If my ass was Halle Berry, I’d be giving crazy Michelle Duggar a run for her baby money. My fuck part would be permanently glued to Gabriel Aubry’s dick stick and it would never let go. Those babies would have to call the fire department to help them find another way out, because I’d never let his sessy ass go.



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