Blohan’s BlackBerry Drama

August 22, 2009 / Posted by:

Future Mexican citizen LiLo was buying some ice at a deli in NYC when she accidentally left her BlackBerry on the counter. No, not the kind of ice you stick in a pipe and smoke up. Surprisingly, it was actual ice. Maybe she likes to cool her 8-ball before she digs in? I mean, it is summer. Anyway…

E! Online says that Blohan left the deli and was inside of a cab when the worker ran out to check to see if she left her phone on the counter. When she said yes, the deli worker wanted to make sure it was hers, so he asked her to verify her number. Blohan wasn’t playing that shit, so she tried to snatch it out of his hands. Bitch wasn’t quick enough and wasn’t able to get the phone out of his hands. HA! You lose at phone snatchin’, Blohan!

That’s when she decided that the cops should get involved and she called 911. When the cops arrived, they immediately busted Blohan for meth possession. Their evidence? Her face. No, after they finished doing the eye roll mambo, they checked the phone, verified it was hers and gave it back.

The best part of this story is what the deli guy had to say. Dude is a comedian and he doesn’t even know it: “I was just trying to be honest. Now I have police and trouble already. Who is she? Is she a star?” Survey says? NOOOOOOO.

Image: Fame Pictures



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