Megan Wants A Millionaire Is On Hold

August 19, 2009 / Posted by:

Vh1 announced that they have pressed the pause button on Megan Wants A Millionaire due to one of the contestants being a “person of interestin the murder of his wife. They issued this statement:

“Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on Megan Wants A Millionaire, an outside production, produced and owned by 51 Minds, that is licensed to VH1. The show completed production at the end of March. Given the unfortunate circumstances, VH1 has postponed any future airings. This is a tragic situation and our thoughts go out to the victim’s family.

And here I was thinking Vh1 was going to give Ryan his own show!

They have already erased traces of Megan Wants a Millionaire from their website. Vh1 didn’t say if they were going to air the rest of the episodes eventually or simply just flush the entire show down the toilet and walk away. Another Vh1 reality show also might not see our Tivos anytime soon.

TMZ claims that Ryan Jenkins was (SPOILER ALERT) not only a contestant on I Love Money 3, but his friends say he won the entire thing. This means his ass is in every single episode. Vh1 hasn’t even announced an air date for ILM3, so they could easily just pour it into a shot glass, shove it up a snatch and let DJ Lady Tribe swallow it up.


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