Dude Looks Like A Memaw

August 17, 2009 / Posted by:

Oh, shit! I thought this was a picture of a broken down Ruth Bader Ginsberg making a Strawberry Hill run. No, this is Steven Tyler with actor Chuck Slavin at Pembroke Center Liquors in Massachusetts on Saturday. I CAN’T!

Steven Tyler recently fucked up his bones when he fell of the stage, so I knew he was in a bad way, but DAMN DAMN DAMN! This is serious. Why does Steven look like he wants to give me an apple? Dopey, save me!

Here’s a little video of Steven at the liquor store. Steven is a recovering alkie, but I don’t think he was buying any of the sweet nectar. By the looks of him, he just wanted to pick up a bag of Brach’s caramels and some Geritol.

Image VIA Boston.com


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