The Photoshop Awards: Nia Long’s Peta Ad

August 11, 2009 / Posted by:

Nia Long refuses to wear fur, but she’s okay with wearing ten million layers of Photoshop! This is a true fuck job.

The Photoshop fairies must have had a raging boner, because they got a little too excited with the mouse. Those bitches made her crotch area look like that of a Barbie’s. They also erased her damn belly button!! Or maybe it fell off when she pressed it against that subway pole. Seriously, don’t try this at home. When I touch a subway pole for too long it starts to sting, so I don’t even want to know how it feels when you press your genitals against it. The subway pole is where Parasite Hilton’s pussy flu germs go to retire. Even the free clinic can’t help you.

And here’s a little quote from Nia that should singe your eyelashes:

When I became a mother, I started to really understand the importance of all living creatures in a way that I didn’t ever think about before. And I’ve realized how important it is that we really take responsibility for … treating animals with love and care just like we would any human being. There’s no difference, in my opinion, [between fur and] slavery or the Holocaust. It’s just that we’re not dealing with human beings, we’re dealing with animals, but it’s still a living thing.”




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