From The Pages Of Knocked Up Famewhores Magazine

August 7, 2009 / Posted by:

Here’s Jude Law’s baby momma of the month, Samantha Burke, in an exclusive pregnant bikini spread for Photobucket. Hey, what else is she supposed to do when even The Globe won’t take her calls and someone keeps flagging her Craigslist “LOOK AT ME” ad? A famewhore has to whore herself out any way she can!

TMZ somehow came across (*cough*SamBu sent them the link*cough*) a Photobucket account containing a bunch of pictures of Samantha documenting the growth of her money fetus while wearing sessy bikinis and lingerie. Bitch is working that bump like she really wants to make it into your MySpace Top 8! You can tell she’s a pro. Look at how she’s posing with that window shade cord! Chicken Cutlets has some competition!


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